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23 Oct by Steve M. Christensen

Personal Injury Attorneys & Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers have earned a reputation for success in the area of personal injury litigation. Our attorneys have helped accident victims, and their families, recover millions of dollars.

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Personal Injury Attorney

Our personal injury attorneys handle cases of all sizes and take pride in giving each client the time and personal attention they, and their case, deserve. We are committed to providing the best representation possible by ensuring that you receive the best medical treatment available and maximum compensation for your physical, emotional and financial losses.


Our law firm handles personal injury cases on a contingent basis. We do not charge any fees for our services until we win your case. Our fees are based on a reasonable percentage of the amount we obtain for you.

Additionally, we advance all costs associated with your claim. Our lawyers are dedicated to conducting a thorough investigation of your case, hiring the best available experts and utilizing the most up-to-date technology to level the playing field against the insurance company.

Experienced INJURY Attorneys

We have experience with nearly every type of personal injury matter, from car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and medical malpractice to slips, trips and falls, dog bites, product liability and wrongful death cases. Some of our recent cases include:

Wrongful Death: Our attorneys represented the mother of a young child who died in a car accident arising from the driver's failure to stop at an intersection. This wrongful death lawsuit involved both liability insurance coverage and underinsured motorist coverage. In both instances, the policy limits were paid.

Car Accident: One of our attorneys represented an elderly woman who sustained substantial burns, scarring and ankle injuries in an auto accident involving a young driver's attempt to cross an intersection on a red light.

Motorcycle Accident: One of our attorneys represented a motorcycle accident victim who was forced to dump his bike at a high rate of speed after a dog jumped at him from an adjacent vehicle window. The motorcycle driver sustained multiple broken bones in his legs, serious abrasions and shattered his ankle.

Pedestrian Accident: Our firm represented a young man who sustained severe arm, hip and leg injuries when he was run over by a a car. Our client, involved in a pedestrian accident, was crossing the road when he was struck by a driver.

Medical Malpractice: Our firm handled a medical malpractice case involving a surgeon's failure to remove foreign objects placed in a patient during an operation, resulting in a painful infection. Settlement was reached prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

Truck Accident: Our lawyers represented a woman who was suffered severe neck injuries in a truck accident. Settlement was reached with the insurance company prior to the filing of a lawsuit against the truck driver. truck accident attorneys

Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer We're here to help. Call and schedule a free consultation with our attorneys to discuss your personal injury case. We'll meet at a location convenient for you - whether at your home, work, hospital or one of our locations. More information here on this website

21 Jun by Steve M. Christensen

Experienced South Dakota Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested in South Dakota on assault and battery charges? Whether the accusations involve a bar fight, domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon or any other type of assault and battery charges, you need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can protect your constitutional rights and fight to minimize the negative consequences of the assault and battery arrest.

At the Christensen Law Offices in Deadwood, we have aggressively defended residents and non-residents against criminal charges, including assault and battery cases, for over 35 years. We work on criminal cases in Western South Dakota, the Black Hills area and throughout the United States. We have represented hundreds of clients arrested while visiting South Dakota for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally or the local casinos.

Most of our clients are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and are confused or frightened by an arrest. Our role as criminal defense advocates is to relieve that fear and help our clients make decisions about their case in a calm and supportive atmosphere. Contact our offices for a free initial consultation to talk about your assault and battery charges.

The potential consequences of an assault and battery conviction can be severe, even on a first offense. Possible penalties include jail time, required restitution (financial payments to the crime victim), and fines and court costs.

If you are a non-resident of South Dakota, it is important to know that a criminal conviction will have negative consequences in your home state as well as in South Dakota.

At the Christensen Law Offices, we are known as a criminal defense law firm that is not afraid to take cases to trial — when our analysis of the case leads us to believe that a court trial is the strategy most likely to result in the least negative consequences.

If you have been arrested on assault and battery charges, you may feel alone, intimidated and guilty — even if you did not commit the acts with which you are charged. The criminal justice system is designed to make you feel that way. At the Christensen Law Offices, we work with you throughout your entire case to make sure your rights are protected and that you make decisions based on knowledgeable legal counsel — not fear.

20 Jun by Steve M. Christensen

Experienced Lawyer after South Dakota Car Accidents

Car accidents change lives forever. Even so-called "minor" car accidents can have major financial impact in terms of property damage, necessary medical expenses and lost wages due to time off work.

For more than 35 years, the Christensen Law Offices has represented South Dakota residents and visitors to the area who need legal help after a car accident. We have represented hundreds of clients in negotiating personal injury settlements with insurance companies and rental car agencies.

We negotiate with insurance companies to get full and fair settlements for car accident victims. The settlement amount you can realistically expect depends to a great extent on how serious the injuries were. Our office has extensive experience building strong cases on behalf of car accident victims with a wide range of injuries:

  • Concussion
  • Whiplash or other soft tissue injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Air bag injuries
  • Head and back injuries, including traumatic brain injury, herniated discs, and full or partial paralysis

We also file wrongful death claims on behalf of surviving family members in the sad event of a fatal car accident.

At the Christensen Law Offices, our goal is to make you feel at home in our offices as we process your car accident claim. If you are visiting South Dakota from out of state, we will treat you as if you were at home and do everything possible to decrease the inconvenience of having to handle a legal matter from out of state. For all our clients, we work to make our offices a safe place to discuss fears and come up with practical legal options that have the highest chance of bringing a full and fair financial settlement.

We handle all car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorney's fees unless we recover for you.