Month: October 2017

27 Oct by Steve M. Christensen

Experienced South Dakota Elder Law Attorney

At the Christensen Law Offices in Deadwood, we know that planning how your assets will be divided upon your death or how you will pay for nursing home care can be unsettling. We have represented individuals and families throughout Western South Dakota and the Black Hills for over 30 years.

Estate Planning There are many different strategies for protecting and transferring your assets. We will help you understand the difference between a will and a trust, so that you can make an informed decision about which approach meets your needs. We will talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of the probate process, so that you can determine whether you want to use tools that help you avoid probate.

When you have decided what is best for you, we will prepare all the documents you need to implement your plan, including simple and living wills, trusts and durable powers of attorney.

Elder Law Issues If you are reaching the age of retirement or have loved ones who are, you may have concerns about the issues that affect seniors in America: nursing home care, asset protection, the availability of Medicaid and Medicare. At the Christensen Law Offices, we understand elder law issues and will work closely with you to help plan for the payment of nursing home or convalescent care in a way that minimizes the loss of your personal assets.

When you are trying to decide the best approach for protecting your heirs and dividing your property after your death, you can often feel uneasy and uncertain of how to proceed. If you have a loved one who needs nursing home care, you may worry how you will pay the costs of care and whether your personal assets can be used to defray the expense of assisted living.

We understand how you feel. At the Christensen Law Offices, our entire staff is committed to easing your anxiety and providing a safe place where you know your interests and the interests of your loved ones are being protected. We help you make good decisions based on knowledge and understanding, not on fear.